FCO - Token Sale
FCO means Field Coin Offering. Like any Initial Coin Offering, users are able to buy Utility tokens (Fieldcoin ERC20) from the ICO but the difference of the FCO is the possibility to acquire LANDS, which are non-fungible tokens (NFT ERC721) representing an agricultural property, during and after the ICO. The acquisition of NFT tokens during the ICO makes the Field Coin Offering unique and offers a strong advantage to investors that are able to test the platform and own tangible assets during the Coin Offering.
The FCO will start October 8, 2019.
The FCO will continue at least until the soft cap of 3 million USD has been reached. It will end if all the tokens are sold out or if Fieldcoin Ltd decides to terminate the token sale due to high demand in FLC tokens, giving a 30 day notice to the public. When the adoption has reached a certain level, the core Fieldcoin team will decide to stop the Coin Offering. In any case, the FCO will not last for more than 6 months and the eventual unsold tokens will be burned.
The pre-sale starts february 4th and ends February 12th 2019. Second round of pre-sale April 2nd to May 2nd, 2019.
The only Cryptocurrency we are accepting for the token sale is Ethereum. However, we are accepting Fieldcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, but also FIAT for LANDS purchase during the FCO.
The FCO price is $0.05 USD per token.
Private Sale & pre-sale: 100%
First 100M tokens : 50%
100M - 200M tokens : 40%
200M - 300M tokens : 30%
300M - 400M tokens : 20%
400M - 500M tokens : 10%
500M - 600M tokens : 0%
The bonuses are distributed at the end of the FCO.
$3 million USD. However, the Proof of Concept can only be implemented once the FCO has reached $5 million USD. In the event of the cap not being reached, the Proof of Concept will be postponed.
$30 million USD for the FCO + $1 million USD for the Private Sale.
Register on fieldcoin.io. You will then have access to the transaction instructions. You must complete the KYC for your tokens to be unlocked or to buy LANDS.
The KYC will be available during the FCO.
If you are not accepted after completing the KYC, the transaction will be reversed and you will be refunded if you already bought Fieldcoin tokens. You will, however, need to provide all the required personal details required by the KYC. In the event you do not provide essential and genuine KYC information, you will not be refunded. If you do not complete the KYC after the given delay of 3 months following the end of the FCO, the preceding transaction(s) will not be refunded.
Residents and citizens of the United States of America, or the People’s Republic of China are not allowed to participate in the FCO.
The minimum contribution is $100 USD.
The minimum contribution to participate in the FCO is $100 USD.
Fieldcoin Ltd has signed with Depository Network for collateral loans. Exchange deals will be announced soon.
The tokens will be distributed during purchase and will be unlocked 30 days after the FCO. However, it is possible to buy LANDS during the FCO using your Fieldcoin tokens. The bonus will be sent at the end of the FCO.
You don’t need to. You will receive an email confirmation of your ETH contribution.
If you have given a wrong ETH address (while using other payment methods) you can resend us the new ETH account at info@fieldcoin.io. However, once the tokens have been sent to the address, we cannot do anything. Please carefully check the address to which you want your Ethers to be sent.
Purchase of Physical land 60%
Agribusiness Development 15%
IT 10%
Legal Administration 7%
Marketing 6%
Reserve Fund 1%
Social and Rural Development 1%
FCO: 60% - 600 million tokens
Token Bonus: 17% - 170 million tokens
Token Reserve: 10% -100 million tokens
Bounty: 2% - 20 million
Team: 9% - 90 million tokens
Private Sale: 2% - 20 million tokens
Total : 1 billion tokens.
The total circulating supply will be 1 billion once all tokens are sold-out.
The unsold tokens will be burned.
Token Technicalities
The Fieldcoin token is an ERC20 token.
A LANDS token represents a specific land property and is tradable on our platform. Every property in the Fieldcoin Ecosystem is represented by a LANDS token.
The ERC721 standard is a non-fungible (unique) token representing a specific asset.
The Fieldcoin ERC20 is a utility token distributed during the FCO. The token is used as a currency to buy land, services and crowdfund agricultural projects on our platform. Fieldcoins will be tradable on exchanges after the FCO. The LANDS ERC721 is the token received after buying a specific land property through our platform, representing land ownership and storing the data of your property. LANDS are also available for purchase during the FCO.
Any ERC20-ERC721 compatible wallet can be used, like MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Ledger Nano.
No, they are all pre-mined, but during upward trends, a small quantity of tokens will be minted. (See: What is the upward trend capitalization mechanism?)
No, do not directly send your ETH participation through an exchange as their ETH wallets aren’t ERC20 compatible.
Any compatible ERC20 compatible wallet can be used like MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Ledger Nano.
Project & Protocol
Fieldcoin Ltd is using current legal framework combined with the blockchain technology to enable faster and cheaper transactions. There are 2 levels of ownership: “Offchain”, to comply with national regulations and “Onchain”, recorded and transactable on the blockchain.

Offchain, Fieldcoin Ltd or a third party company DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) owns the property titles recorded in the national land registry. The token holder owns a share of the company representing the specific land acquired on the platform.

Onchain, Fieldcoin Ltd creates a unique token with a unique number representing a specific property called LANDS (ERC721). The LANDS token represents the ownership of the property and can be exchanged on the Fieldcoin platform using the Blockchain.

The LANDS token also gives the owner access to the Fieldcoin services for the particular land property. From the moment the LANDS token is acquired, the buyer becomes the owner of the land parcel and can claim the property title at any time.

The first level (Offchain) is used to comply with the current regulations and land registries. The second level (Onchain) is used to make land ownership accessible to everyone and to make the transactions fast, traceable, secure (publicly recorded on the Blockchain), less expensive and allows access to Fieldcoin’s services.
Fieldcoin offers the possibility to acquire or sell physical land on our platform using the blockchain technology. LANDS owners can manage their property remotely with any IT device and access services such as crop management, infrastructure construction, crowdfunding and collateral loans. Fieldcoin token holders also have the opportunity to invest in an array of selected agricultural projects while their capital is backed by land.
Fieldcoin is bringing decentralization in a heavily centralized market. The blockchain is used for land transaction and ownership, as well as a means of payment on our platform and for food traceability. LANDS tokens represent a company equity and offers the possibility for the owner to manage their land remotely with any IT device, empowering people all around the globe. At a later stage, Fieldcoin is contemplating the implementation of a democratic voting system that would allow the token holders to participate in the company’s decisions concerning countries of expansion and the selection of land properties to be integrated into the Ecosystem.
If the price of the Fieldcoin token market cap falls under the 80% threshold ratio of the total value of company assets, you will get credited for future purchases. This credit amounts to the difference between the set threshold and the market value of the token.
When the price of the Fieldcoin Token rises, a very small percentage of this increase will be minted (created) and sold on exchanges against USD or EUR. These FIAT currencies will be used to buy more land for the Fieldcoin Ecosystem. Consequently, the threshold guarantee of the Trade Back will increase with time.The mint rate of Fieldcoin tokens has been calculated to provide the needed liquidities for the Ecosystem and grow according to adoption without impairing the increase in the token price.
fieldcoin minted tokens
Example: Token market price positive spread during 24 hours
Current token price: 0.085
Number of Tokens in Circulation: 1 200 000 000 tokens
Total Market Cap: 102 000 000 Millions USD
Minting rate for price increase/10 minutes: 1.4%
Total positive spread in one day +4.89%
Daily minting 0.06846% of the total token supply
Increase of assets in the Ecosystem in one day: 69 829 USD
Tokens in circulation after minting 24h: 1 200 821 520 tokens
Total Market Cap after one day: 102 069 829 Millions USD
The newly minted Fieldcoin tokens will be used to buy more land, therefore increasing the Fieldcoin Ecosystem. Consequently, the threshold guarantee of the Trade Back Protocol will increase with time, supporting the value of the token on the Fieldcoin platform.
This is a huge concern for the Fieldcoin team and this is why several steps have been taken to prevent the minting process to dramatically affect the price of the token. Fieldcoin will only mint new tokens when the price is increasing. Only 1.5% of the augmentation will be minted at first, and in time, the percentage will decrease until no more tokens are minted. No large amount of tokens will be created at once, as the minting process will happen every 10 minutes. Every aspect have been tested with different models to insure the best interests of the token holders.
Fieldcoin aims to release the platform at Q2 2019 after the end of the FCO. The beta version will be released during the FCO, Q1 2019.
We are currently in the process of tokenizing the first series of physical land properties to be part of the Ecosystem in Q1 2019.
Through the Fieldcoin Ltd. platform, LANDS owners will be able to access services such as crop management, infrastructure construction, land valorization, crowdfunding and collateral loans.
Yes. Fieldcoin Ltd can transfer the property title to its owner and remove the LANDS token from its platform. It will only cost a fee in order to bear the transaction costs like the notary documentation. Once the property is removed from the Ecosystem, its owner will no longer be able to beneficiate from the services offered by Fieldcoin Ltd.
The LANDS tokens (ERC721) representing property ownership will be supported by exchanges in a later stage. This will happen when exchanges have integrated formal procedures concerning the nature of the tokenized assets like specific KYC, ownership restrictions and so on. The LANDS tokens will, in Q1 2019, already be used as a collateral tool on other platforms and be exchangeable in this way against Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other currencies accepted by the collateral loan provider. However, the Fieldcoin token (ERC20) used as a payment method on our platform will be supported by various exchanges just after the token sale has ended.
When a LANDS is bought on the platform, a contract is signed between the owner and Fieldcoin Ltd. Every transaction is recorded on the Blockchain and Fieldcoin Ltd. keep a double safely stored away. Even if a customer’s wallet gets hacked and a LANDS gets stolen, Fieldcoin Ltd. will know who the rightful owner of the property is.
Our team of experts will carefully select an array of agricultural projects in which you could choose to invest in. Crowdfunders are guaranteed to obtain their initial capital + a percentage in interest as borrowers will allocate a corresponding amount of physical assets in mortgage as a pay-back guarantee. These projects will go through a 3 steps selection system examining yield suitability, business model, Fieldcoin ethical and environmental chart compliance and of course multiple other factors, going as far as having 3rd party audits to ensure only the best projects are displayed. Agricultural project crowdfunding will be available when the platform is released.
The Fieldcoin Ecosystem is the whole collection of land properties owned by the LANDS token holders and the company. Fieldcoin Ltd’s own assets constitute the threshold backed by the Trade Back Protocol. The Trade Back Protocol does not include the land owned by the LANDS token holders. 85% of the Ecosystem asset reallocation is reserved for new land acquisitions further expanding the Ecosystem.
Fieldcoin plans to target low-risk and average potential markets first, such as the countries within the European Union, and will then move slowly to countries with more venture capital and with much higher expected returns for Fieldcoin’s Ecosystem. A road map of regions where Fieldcoin will develop is displayed on the website’s main page.
The Fieldcoin Foundation is a non-lucrative organization that aims to develop communities’ infrastructures near Fieldcoin land property and Fieldcoin’s agribusiness acquisitions. 1% of Fieldcoin tokens will be allocated to community development through the Fieldcoin Foundation. Furthermore, donations can be made through the Fieldcoin Foundation, allocated to specific humanitarian projects listed on the crowdfunding platform. This project includes plans to build, for instance, schools, waterwells, irrigation systems and roads.
The Fieldcoin project is governed and supervised by Fieldcoin Ltd. registered in London.
The Fieldcoin team members mostly come from France, but also from Canada, the U.S.A., India, Belgium, Italy, the UK, Pakistan and China. There are over 25 team members including the advisors.
In order to make Fieldcoin’s vision come true, we gathered individual talents of agricultural engineers, legal advisors, real estate partners, web and IT developers, and blockchain experts, in order to cover all the aspects of the project. The team is composed of people that share a common goal of empowering people with land ownership. The full team and their experience is displayed on the official Fieldcoin website.
There is only one official group and one official channel.
Group: t.me/fieldcoin
News Channel: t.me/fieldcoinchannel
Fieldcoin’s mission is to empower people with land ownership, impacting the agribusiness global economy. Our goal is to create Decentralized Autonomous Communities (DAC) with full power over their land. Therefore, Fieldcoin is developing a platform using blockchain technology to connect landowners with crowdfunding investors while enabling fast and cheaper transfers of land property to individuals and companies. We are bringing the blockchain technology to land property transactions and agricultural crowdfunding projects while creating a stable transaction instrument to ease the process of land and agribusiness acquisition. Fieldcoin brings together four of the most disruptive innovations: IoT, Blockchain technology, 4.0 Agribusiness Technologies and Crowdfunding.
Difficulties in accessing land ownership
The lack of liquidities in the agricultural industry
The absence of utility, value and liquidity behind a token
Poor support to farmers
Highly centralized market
Trouble of finding proper management for the land properties
Apprehension from the consumers regarding the origin of their food products
The lack of trust in the ICO model
First move advantage
Easy access to land ownership
Property offerings on the platform
Token supported by the Trade Back Protocol and the upward trend capitalization mechanism
Land management services
Land Traceability
Agribusiness project crowdfunding
Collateral loans
Transparent and secure transactions on the Blockchain
FCO model : access to the Beta platform and the possibility to purchase LANDS during the token sale.
The Fieldcoin token is supported by our Trade Back Protocol offering token holders the possibility to claim LANDS at a reduced price in case of market dips. Thanks to our upward trend capitalization mechanism, new physical lands will be acquired by Fieldcoin Ltd. increasing the guarantee of the Trade Back Protocol.
Investors, land owners, farmers, traders, real estate companies, individuals, agro-business companies. No need to have a fortune to be part of the Fieldcoin Ecosystem. Entry level LANDS will be offered at a reasonable price on the platform. Our goal is to empower all kinds of people all around the globe.
Creating value for the buyers: Fieldcoin is facilitating the access to full land ownership, offering physical land of different sizes and budgets at an attractive price compared to the market value with fast, secure and inexpensive transactions but also granting access to Fieldcoin’s LANDS Management Services.

For the sellers: The sellers will benefit from more visibility, compounded to an easy and secure way to sell their property on the platform. Sellers will receive buy offers and will benefit from high demand created by previous trading engagements on the platform.

For the LANDS owners: Fieldcoin’s platform will allow the owners to manage their LANDS at a distance with any IT device and access services such as crop management, infrastructure construction, crowdfunding and collateral loans.

For the farmers: By bringing liquidities and support from investors and communities (DAC). The Fieldcoin Foundation will also benefit the municipalities neighbouring land from the Ecosystem.

For the traders: Fieldcoin is creating a token with a real and practical use that will be used in a 12 trillion dollar industry, supported by a Trade Back Protocol.